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Why Mont Happy ?

By :Sneha Naik 0 comments
Why Mont Happy ?

Who are we?

Mont Happy is thought of the people passionate about protecting nature by working to bring change through awareness, and inspiring people like you to take action. Here fashion influences awareness.

Mont Happy is a brand for comfortable and eco-friendly wearables which are fashionable. And all shirts are beautifully created to the satisfaction of having which are not just cloth and it's beyond fashion and we are sure that you will have a story or a memory connected to each shirt which you purchase from us. Let's make the world a better place with this new style. Each shirt that we create, opens the possibilities to create love and affection towards endangered species.


Why Mont Happy?

○Made with love and care

○toxin free

○Earth friendly

○Made in India

What's New ?

We know it's tough to choose wearables from abundant varieties of brands during these times. So here we provide a chance to become superheroes to your little ones, and friends by wearing what makes a change to live with freshly looking shirts. The climate on earth has always been changing but due to human activity, it is currently changing at an accelerated rate. There are many reasons for animals being endangered, one among them is climate change.  The textile industry is also one of the reasons for pollution in many ways which impacts animals and their habitat so we are trying to turn the clock back with mindful actions right this hot minute else soon the damage will be irreversible. Mont happy is our small step towards making the earth a better place by spreading awareness about endangered species.

Let's talk about Mont Happy and how it feels to you:

As we work on giving the final touches to our collections we would like to know what Mont Happy means to you. Do share your idea of fashion with us and be ready for the new style.

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